PhOtO MoNtAgE.

ari tu, kt kelas grafik aq blaja photomontage...best?? hurmm..bley la....dlm bnyk2 modul, modul 2 la yg pling best, sbb pki camera...heheheh...photomontage?? hurmmm..
Photomontage is the process and result of making a composite photograph by cutting and joining a number of other photographs. The composite picture was sometimes photographed so that the final image is converted back into a seamless photographic print. A similar method, although one that does not use film, is realized today through image-editing software. This latter technique is referred to by professionals as "compositing", and in casual usage is often called "photoshopping".

haaa...ni dy gmbr asl...nk tau x per trjd lps tu bila aq dh edit?? jeng jeng jenngg....

ni la yg jd..huhu..cntik x??? leh la kn..hurmm..k ar..nnt der per2 lg aq update la..bye..